Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Play by Play!

This is what a small cooking day is like! Extra planning and prep can make cooking day go smoother and allow for more production.

7:00 put stew beef and seasoning mix in warm water to thaw
7:15 went to the local grocery store
7:35 started laundry
7:45 gather supplies
8:00 started dishwasher
9:15 peel and cut potatoes and onion
9:20 place potatoes, carrots, meat, and seasoning in crock pot set to 8 hours and forget!
9:30 mix meat, cracker crumbs, onion, eggs, and seasoning, to make meat balls
9:40 cook meatballs in large pans with a little oil on Med Low until browned then add spaghetti sauce to barely cover simmer until meat balls are cooked through.
9:50 tried to cook two batches of meatballs one pan stuck terribly they were turned into regular meat sauce (I think I will use it for lunch today!) Down to one pan of meatballs at a time it's going to be a long day.
10:00 helped little one get dressed to play in the snow
10:15 third batch of meatballs in the pot!
10:20 1st batch of pizza dough in bread machine.
10:40 cook lasagna noodles
10:45 separate pizza sauce into 3 baggies.
11:15 separate Cheese into baggies
11:30 separate pepperoni into baggies (I am 1 pizza short so one will be cheese pizza only)
10:35 place cheese, sauce, and pepperoni baggies inside gallon freezer baggie labeled pizza kit, label 3 quart baggies for dough.
11:00 lasagna assembled and ready for baking waiting for oven
11:40 lunch break
12:00 Lasagna done and cooling on the counter
12:15 first pizza kit in freezer!
12:20 second and third batch of pizza dough in the bread machine (I am trying a double batch)
12:20 mailman delivered our amazon order Yeah!
12:25 4Th batch of meatballs cooking
12:30 cooled meatballs bagged and labeled.
12:40 changed trash and washed hands again!
12:50 fourth and fifth batch of pizza dough (for bread sticks)
1:00 refilled dishwasher
1:15 started chicken in oven for chicken rice stir fry and chicken taco rice
1:45 bag pizza dough
2:00 take meatballs to the garage fridge to cool down
2:15 start last batch of meatballs
Decided to finish the chicken meals tomorrow
2:20 start cleaning the kitchen! This is the part I dislike the most.

In the freezer at the end of the day
2 pans lasagna
3 pizza kits
6 bags meatballs with sauce
2 bags pizza dough for bread sticks

11 meals ready to go in the freezer!

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  1. Wow! You had a busy day and got a lot accomplished! I definitely need to try this. Know what I did this afternoon instead of being productive? Chris got home and played in the snow with the kids, so I napped! :) LOL But I did get the house clean and laundry done...so tomorrow I do plan to get something bulk done. PW had chicken on sale last week 99 cents/pound so I bought a ton - should at least cook some of that up to have to toss in soup or noodles. And I really want to do the pizza packs you did! I think it is neat that you put everything needed in one big bag to grab and go! Do you ever cook dry beans and then freeze? I have heard that can be done for chilli (dry beans are so cheap!) but I tend to just use canned for convienince, but I'd love to do the dry. Talk to you soon!! :)